Google to launch BART chatbot in 180 countries, including India, using Generative AI technology”


According to an article in the
Economic Times, Google intends to roll out their most recent Generative AI
Chatbot, known as BART (BERT-based Adaptable Representation of Text), across
180 countries, including India. The BART chatbot, which is built on Google’s
cutting-edge language model BERT and can produce pertinent and interesting
answers to customer inquiries, is highlighted for its distinctive qualities in
the article.

The BART chatbot can interpret
questions asked in normal language, give individualised advice, and even make
up its language. BART is a useful tool for organisations to handle client
inquiries and support services since it can learn from user interactions and
enhance its responses over time, according to the report.

Overall, the report emphasises
how BART could affect the market for chatbots, particularly in nations such

What is Google BART?

BART is a chatbot that can comprehend and answer questions in natural language. Contrary to other chatbots, BART may create customised recommendations and even create its own language. BERT, Google’s robust language model, which enables BART to comprehend linguistic nuances and context, makes this possible.

How does BART function?

BART generates answers to user inquiries after being trained on a significant amount of text data. The responses provided by BART are not pre-programmed; rather, they are created instantly by the language model. This enables BART to respond to user inquiries in a meaningful and interesting manner. BART is also made to adapt its replies over time by gaining knowledge from user interactions.

What are the Possible effects of BART?

The introduction of BART could completely alter the chatbot industry. BART is an effective tool for organisations to handle customer inquiries and support services because of its capacity to comprehend and answer to natural language enquiries. The user experience could also be enhanced by BART’s personalised recommendations and language generating tools.

India and BART

In recent years, chatbot use has become increasingly popular in India. Since the introduction of BART, Indian companies may now use this cutting-edge technology to improve their customer assistance offerings. BART might be especially helpful for Indian enterprises because of its capacity to comprehend the subtleties of Indian language and culture.

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