UPSC Examination Pattern

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is one
of the most prestigious examinations in India. It is conducted annually by the
Union Public Service Commission, which is the central recruiting agency for the
Indian government. The UPSC exam is held in three stages: Prelims, Mains, and


The UPSC exam is highly competitive and requires
candidates to have a deep understanding of the subjects and good analytical and
problem-solving skills. The exam is divided into two categories: Civil Services
Examination (CSE) and Indian Forest Service Examination (IFSE). The CSE exam is
further divided into three stages, while the IFSE exam is conducted in two

UPSC Examination Pattern


Preliminary Examination (Stage 1):

The UPSC Preliminary exam consists of two papers,
Paper 1 and Paper 2, both of which are objective-type tests. Paper 1 covers
General Studies, while Paper 2 covers Aptitude Test. Candidates who qualify for
this stage will be eligible to appear for the Mains examination.

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Mains Examination (Stage 2):

The UPSC Mains exam consists of nine papers, which
are subjective in nature. The Mains exam tests candidates on various subjects
such as Indian Language, English, Essay, General Studies, and Optional
Subjects. The Mains exam is the most important stage of the UPSC exam, and
candidates who clear this stage are eligible for the Interview.

To know more about current vacancies and important updates, please visit the UPSC Home page. 

Interview (Stage 3):

The UPSC Interview, also known as the Personality
Test, is the final stage of the UPSC exam. Candidates who have cleared the
Mains exam are eligible for the Interview. The Interview is conducted by a
panel of experts who assess the candidate’s personality, communication skills,
and overall suitability for the job.


The UPSC exam is considered one of the toughest
examinations in the world. Thousands of candidates apply for this exam every
year, but only a few hundred are able to clear all the stages and become civil
servants. The UPSC exam is a test of not only the candidate’s knowledge but
also their mental and emotional strength.


Preparation Strategy:

The UPSC exam requires a dedicated study plan,
which includes a thorough understanding of the syllabus, regular practice, and
revision. Candidates must start their preparation early and should focus on
building their concepts in all the subjects. They should also take mock tests
to evaluate their performance and identify their weak areas.

Some tips for preparing for the UPSC exam are:

Ø  Understand the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly.

Ø  Read newspapers and magazines regularly to keep yourself updated on current affairs.

Ø  Take notes of important topics and revise them regularly.

Ø  Solve previous year’s question papers and take mock tests to evaluate your

Ø  Have a positive attitude and stay motivated throughout the preparation



The UPSC exam is not just a test of knowledge but a
test of a candidate’s overall personality and suitability for the job.
Candidates who clear this exam become civil servants and serve the country in
various capacities. The UPSC exam is a challenging but rewarding journey, and
with dedication and hard work, anyone can crack it.



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