You Only Live Once: 108 Nuggets of Wisdom

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Live fearlessly, like a child for whom the world is filled with endless possibilities.

God loves us, no matter what religion we follow.

The mysterious realms of time, nature and karma are open to human understanding.

Swami Avdheshanand Giri, the spiritual head of one of India’s oldest mutts, is an apostle of peace and a bringer of serenity. He has initiated thousands of sannyasis into the Juna Akhara and touched the lives of millions of others through his service to society. This book brings together 108 nuggets of wisdom from Swamiji’s teachings that will help create a balance be- tween excellence in everyday life and spiritual attainment.

By developing an awareness of our subconscious thoughts, he says, we can assume control over our perspectives and actions. Satisfaction comes from gratitude and recognising the blessings in our lives, which helps fight greed and the desire for excess. He advocates a simple yet passionate life, filled with love and kindness for one and all, as a way to be closer to God.

This is timeless wisdom from a sage who has devoted himself to God and to the service of humanity—wisdom that will give you the power to control your thoughts and feelings, and empower you to believe in the best within you.

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