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On Friday morning Sep 09, Apple launched an iPhone 14 pre-order page on its website. The base model starts at $799, while the upgraded iPhone 14 Pro starts at $899.

The price of the deluxe iPhone 14 Pro Max will begin at $1,099. If a customer trades in their current iPhone, those prices could be reduced.

The new iPhones have improved cameras, faster processors, and a longer-lasting battery — all at the same price as the iPhone 13 from last year.

From Nov, iPhone 14 models will be able to send SOS msgs via a new satellite feature — a safety measure to allow users to request assistance even when they are in remote areas w/out cellular service.

The iPhone 14 also includes a new feature called "Active Mode," which smooths out video shooting and reduces hand-shake, as well as improved image processing for sharper still images and video.

Despite not raising the price of the iPhone 14, Apple may end up with a bigger profit margin if more customers upgrade to the Pro and Pro Max models.

According to analyst Daniel Ives, Apple believes a growing higher profit margins number of consumers will be willing to pay an extra $200 to $300 for deluxe versions of the iPhone 14. 

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