Alstone Textiles has announced Bonus issue and stock split to its shareholders.

The board of directors of the small-cap company has approved and declared bonus shares in 9:1 ratio and stock split in 1:10 ratio.

This indicates that for every share a shareholder owned on the record date for bonus shares, the board of the small-cap firm has approved 9 bonus shares.

Its existing one share would be further subdivided into 10 shares.

In other words, for every share they own with a face value of 10, an eligible investor will receive 100 equity shares in the company with a face value of Rs. 1 after Bonus & stock split.

The company board has fixed the record date for the issuance of bonus shares and stock subdivision on 3rd December 2022.

Textiles such as cotton, natural silk, ready-to-wear apparel, hosiery, and blended fabrics are sold by Alstone Textiles India.

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