The Masterpiece Complete Competitive English For SSC | CDS | CPO | NDA | IBPS 7800+ Questions with Detailed Explanations

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Grammar is without a doubt one of the most daunting aspects of the English language, an area riddled with complexities, inconsistencies and contradictions. It has also been a state of flux for pretty much its entire existence. For native speaker of English, as well as for those learning its as a new language, grammar presents as Very serious challenge to speaking and writing both accurately and effectively. In competitive exams, The questions contained in a typical question Paper of English can be classified in three sections – grammatical section, vocabulary section and practice section. Question related to common errors, transformation of Sentences (active-passive voice, direct and Indirect Speech, etc.), sentence Improvement and fill in the blanks belong to grammatical section. The vocabulary section deals with the questions about Antonyms, Synonyms, correct spelling, idioms and Phrases and one-word Substitution.

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