The 5 A.M. Revolution: Why High Achievers Wake Up Early and How You Can Do It, Too

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This book gives the solution to the best life possible: Get up at 5 A.M. and get into the exclusive club of the one percentile in the world. Here’s how.
First: Get the best sleep possible
Learn the fundamentals of a calming and peaceful sleep. Once you solve the sleeping puzzle, you’ll be a different person altogether.
Second: Have a great morning ritual
Practise a world-class morning ritual to kick-start a fantastic day. And by that, it means every single day.
Third: Wake up with passion
Too many people use sleep as a convenient drug to avoid facing the harsh reality. This book will give you fifty reasons to wake up at 5 A.M. with a smile on your face.
Fourth: Implement the right changes in eight weeks
In order to massively upgrade your life, more than motivation or discipline, this book will teach you a new structure which will never let you go back to your old ways.Stop feeling so overworked and overwhelmed! Learn the secret to a great life. Buy The 5 A.M. Revolution now to increase your productivity while you gain more balance between your personal and professional life.

From the Publisher

Personal Development & Self-Help (Books)Personal Development & Self-Help (Books)

Conversation with Dan Luca

An excerpt:

First of all, congratulations for having the courage to make the first step in altering things towards a more fulfilling life and investing the time, energy and money to make it happen.

Secondly, I’ll make sure that your journey through this course is gentle but steady as well as show you all the pieces and the ways to implement them so that this puzzle fits nicely together in the end.

Thirdly, all the things that are in this book (or course) are science based, client tested and time proven so that you get all the advantages of our research, but without the hassle of testing. Thousands of my clients are living proof that once you experience this change, you won’t ever consider going back.

This programme is made up of four main parts and a bonus section. At each stage of the course, you will get all the necessary tools, templates and resources so that you can fully implement every bit of information.

Personal Development & Self-Help (Books)Personal Development & Self-Help (Books)

The first part is about time-tested conditions and strategies you can use to achieve your best sleep possible. We’ll cover all the aspects, starting with the bedroom and continuing with the evening routine, as well as techniques to make you fall asleep easier. All these and more will be duly covered.

The second part is about the morning ritual. This 10-step ritual came into existence after more than six years of fierce testing, trial and error, not to mention many ‘a-ha’ moments that more than a thousand clients of mine and I have experienced. You will get all the ins and outs regarding why you need to be high on energy, clarity and confidence from the first hour in the morning.

Personal Development & Self-Help (Books)Personal Development & Self-Help (Books)

The third part is about waking up at 5 a.m. I’ll give you 50 reasons to do just that. I’ll teach you how to find a wake-up partner. I will also give you concrete steps to work on during the day so that you wake up more easily in the morning. All this and other fascinating stuff awaits you.

The fourth part is the 8-Week System that will take you from where you are and get you to a superhero schedule that includes all the strategies from the first three parts.

I won’t talk about the bonus section now; I’ll let you discover it on your own.

Now, in order to get the most out of this course and really make a change in your life, please follow these guidelines:

1. Before committing to changing any aspect of your life, please make sure that you study the entire course

2. After you have studied the three modules on Getting the Best Sleep, Practising the Morning Ritual and Waking up at 5 a.m., go straight to the 8-Week System and start implementing the actual schedule

3. Before starting the 8-Week System, make sure all of the external conditions are met:

• The bedroom conditions

• The evening routine conditions

• The breakfast ingredients

You will get amazing results if you stick to the guidelines presented here. Otherwise, while you will still make significant changes, you’ll not get the most out of this programme.

Now let me tell you how I came about creating this programme and why I am so passionate about these things.

I discovered the fact that almost all great leaders in a wide range of fields wake up early in the morning. From Richard Branson to Tim Cook to Howard Schultz to Oprah Winfrey to Michael Phelps and Serena Williams, they all are early risers, mostly waking up before 6 a.m. So, I asked myself, why? Why do all these great leaders wake up so early and not slumber in bed? They don’t need to work in the morning to provide for their families. The answer is because they want to be those people who set things in motion. They want to be proactive. They want to initiate things and make things happen. If you are asleep when your team is already up, you will be playing catch-up all day long. You will be on defence, not offence. Yes, they wake up early every day because they all are very competitive, but this is only half the story.

A singer, before getting up on stage, warms up. An athlete, before starting a race, warms up. Any top professional, before performing in his field, warms up. The sole purpose for this is to be in peak condition. This happens when you hold yourself accountable to a very high standard. Consequently, high-performing standards deliver high-quality results.

In business, unfortunately, a lot of people are way too frequently off their best game due to a lack of proper preparation. They tend to warm up hours after the working day has started, and they eventually get into an okay state.

The alternative is to wake up earlier and put yourself in the best shape possible before starting your day. It’s about making yourself strong first thing in the morning, before going out into the world. Be at your A level from the first hour of the day. This is what I have been doing every morning for the last nine years and my life is light years ahead of what it used to be. I also started doing this same process with my clients. My productivity exploded and the productivity of my clients increased exponentially as well. Next, I will teach you the three cornerstones for great health, incredible business results and amazing relationships. These three things are: Getting the Best Sleep, Practising the Morning Ritual, Waking up at 5 a.m.

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