Teaching Aptitude & Attitude Test for Entrance Exams

(as of Jun 17,2021 19:46:13 UTC – Details)

1. Test Aptitude & Attitude Test is prepared for the B.Ed. Entrance Exams
2. Complete syllabus is divided into chapters
3. The book gives complete Chapterwise coverage of syllabus
4. More than 1500 MCQs are given for the revision of the concepts
5. 5 Practice Sets are provided in the book, based on the current exam pattern for practice

Almost all Bachelor of Education Entrance Exams conduct teaching aptitude and attitude test. A well qualified teacher is expected to have sufficient interest and knowledge in the subject besides good communication skills.

Present book for ‘Teaching Aptitude & Attitude Test’ has been assembled to meet the needs of the students preparing for various Bachelor of Education exams conducted across the country. This book contains Chapterwise coverage of over 1500 multiple choice questions for students to arrive at conceptual mastery.The book includes 5 Practice Sets based on the lines of the exam for students to evaluate their preparedness and be exam ready.

Table of Content

Teaching, Theories of Teaching, Teaching Skills, Micro Teaching Approach, Methods of Teaching,Teaching Instructions, Teaching Excellence, Characteristics of Effective Teaching, Educational Psychology, Methods of educational Psychology, Role of Communication in Education, Educational Communication, Teaching as a Profession, The Nature of Teaching Profession, Professional Traits of a Teacher, Code of Conduct/Professional Ethics, Role of Teacher, Development of Teacher, Training of Teachers, 5 Practice Papers.

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