Tales of Secrecy and Enduring Love: A Clean & Sweet Regency Historical Romance Book Collection

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Three ladies trapped in a fairytale. Three lords intent on setting them free. But true love always prevails in the end, doesn’t it?

A Sleeping Beauty for The Marquess

Percival Avondale, son of the Duke of Follet, is at odds with his father, as their views of the future do not coincide. Percival will try and shape his own future by at least choosing a wife on his own terms. Aurora Vincent, daughter of the Duke of Thornbrook, has fallen into a deep sleep and nothing can awaken her. Curiosity and his love for medicine will lead Percival to Aurora’s doorstep, where he will save the fair lady from death’s clutches. But Aurora’s illness was not even remotely natural and the culprit is still on their heels, looking for the perfect opportunity to strike again…

The Transformation of the Bashful Lady

Sarah Davenport is the daughter of the Viscount of Chester. Neglected by her mother after her father’s death, she lacks the knowledge of social etiquette and proper appearances. But her life will change when she receives proper tutelage from a strange lady. Andrew Clayton, the Marquess of Somerset, is a sworn bachelor, as he had his heart broken once already. But when he witnesses the transformation of a timid girl into a dazzling woman, his views on marriage will fly out of the window. Sarah is not the only one trying to win Andrew’s heart, though, and her rival will use everything in her arsenal to eliminate the competition… 

The Curse of Lady Clarabelle

Clarabelle Fulton has lived most of her life isolated in her father’s dark, gloomy castle. She longs to see the world, tired of being smothered by her father’s overprotectiveness. But when the Fulton curse seems to awaken once more, everyone fears that it will claim Clara’s life this time… Sebastian Compton has always wondered why his father hated the Fultons. When the painful history between the families comes to light, Sebastian will do his best to mend what once was broken.  Except he never planned to fall for the beautiful lady trapped in that dreadful castle… As their love is growing, so does the curse. Will they solve the riddle in time and stop history from repeating itself or will Sebastian lose his one true love, as his father did all those years ago…?

*If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Tales of Secrecy and Enduring Love”!

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