Simplifying Eye Care Book | Medical Ophthalmology Book for Eye Exercises & Healthy Habits | Book for Cornea, Cataract, Retina, Eye Yoga, Vitamins

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Simplifying Eye Care Book by Dr Quresh Maskati | Ophthalmology Book for Everyday Eye Care Issues | Medical Book for Healthy Habit of Eyes | Eye Book for Cornea, Cataract, Retina & much moreYour eyes show off the strength of your soul. It is one of the primary & most important organs of our body. Therefore, taking care of them is also extremely essential for us. But, how do we really take care of them? How should we avoid getting glasses? What is cataract? How can we keep the eyes of our children healthy? We all have these questions but we surely can’t be running to an ophthalmologist every time to seek answers.Well, ‘Simplifying Eye Care’ by Dr. Quresh Maskati is an ideal book to answer all questions of a common man related to eye care. It covers a gamut of various common topics related to eye care like ‘cataract’, ‘common concerns of parents regarding eye sight’, ‘contact lenses’, ‘corneal transplant’, ‘eye donation’, ‘laser removal of eye numbers’, ‘retina’, ‘myopia control in children’ etc.The author, a reputed & award winner ophthalmologist himself, has used a question & answer format which enables the reader to get answers to his questions easily. The language used throughout the book is simple & lucid. The author has also added a fun element in the book through some cartoons at apt places. The book ends with a glossary of difficult terms used throughout the book.Rightly said by Prof. Rajvardhan Azad in his foreword, this book will be useful for patients, patient attendants and to some extent General Physician and General Ophthalmologist as well.

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