Science and Technology: Civil Services Prelims and Main Examinations (2019) | First Edition | By Pearson

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“Science and Technology” is an extremely important section as per recent examination pattern of Civil Service and other Public Service Examinations’. This book has been developed in line with past examination trends where emphasis has been put on conceptual understanding of past discoveries to recent developments and its’ impact on socio-political level. The entire content is written in lucid language and structured in a logical flow, so every student can understand the core concepts and its applications, irrespective of their subject background.
This title has complete coverage on UPSC syllabus, which includes recent developments on Space Technology; Protection and Defence Technology; Information Technology and Communication System; Non-Conventional and Nuclear Energy Resources; Biotechnology; Health and Nutrition; Immunization System; Environment and Ecology, etc. All Government policies, schemes and its impact-analysis (both national and inter-national) are highlighted along with the relevant text. This book would be highly useful for both in-depth study as well as for last minute revision.

· Previous years’ (both Prelims and Main) Trend Analysis and Study Strategy are provided for effective preparation
· Chapters are segregated under three major sections: Introduction and Development of Science and Technology (from ancient to post-modern), Progression of Science and Technology, and Recent Research and Development in Science and Technology
· Enhanced pedagogy with text-boxes, tables, graphic-illustrations, real-life photographs to revise the important data points
· Solved previous Years’ Question provided at the end of chapter
· Sample answers and explanations for Main’s examinations
· Glossary and Appendix section for additional reference

Table of Content:
Unit I
1. Introduction and Development of Science and Technology in India
2. Science and Technology Policies in India
Unit II
1. Space Technology
2. Indian Nuclear Programme and Technology
3. Biotechnology and Genetics
4. Information and Communication Technology
5. Defence Research and Technology
6. Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources
7. Nutrition and Health
8. Environment and Ecology (online)
Unit III – Recent Research and Development
1. Modern Science and Technology

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