Quarterly Current Affairs Vol. 2 – April to June 2020 for Competitive Exams

(as of Jun 17,2021 21:33:20 UTC – Details)

Quarterly current Affairs Vol. 2 – April to June 2020 for Competitive exams is a unique handy MacBook as it gives the complete update of the 2nd quarter of 2020. # This new edition now comes with Past Questions of various exams; practice questions for IAS Prelims & Mains; essays; case studies for ethics GS Paper 4 etc. # The book talks of all the recent envelopments in the field of Polity, Economics, Science & technology, Sports, Art & culture etc. # The book has been updated with an exam special update – Banking, Railways, Agriculture, environment, Science & technology. # This book would prove to be an asset for all students aspiring for the different competitive exams. # The book uses unique analytical tools like game Changers, Causes & effects, quote & Unquote, at a Glance, emerging trends, SWOT, mind Maps, essays, essay ideas etc.

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