Objective Political Science for State PSC, UGC NET/ SET & other Competitive Examinations (6600+ MCQs)(english)

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MCQs with Answer Keys Only
The book is composed by paying attention to the aspirants intended to be appeared competitive exams conducted by various departments of Govt. of India, UGC NET/ SET/ SLET/ JRF etc. It contains huge collection of useful MCQs (6600+) with answer keys collected from various exams of all the states of India. It covers syllabuses of State PSC exams of almost all the states of India. The content of the book is divided into four parts as under:

PART I: Introduction, Meaning of Politics, Key Concept, The State, Sovereignty of State, Origin of State, Marxian Theory of Origin o, Nature Theories and State Function, Nationalism and Internationalism, Political Ideology, The Rights, Property, Liberty, Equality, Justice, Liberalism, Fascism, Western Political Thoughts, Aristotle, PLATO, Democracy, Electorate and Representation, Public Opinion, Freedom of Speech and Press Role, Political Parties and Pressure Group, Social Movements, Evolutionary Socialism, Marxian Socialism, Bureaucracy, Forms of Government, Constitution and Constitutional Government, Parliamentary and Presidential Systems, State of Local Government, Cabinet Government, Constitutional Development and National Movement in Subcontinent, Development and Under Development Theories, USA Federalism.
PART II: International Law, International Relations and World Organizations, United Nations & its Organs (Q & A).
PART III: U. K. Constitution, U. S. A. Constitution.
PART IV: Indian Constitutional Development, Constitutional Preamble Sources, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy, Parts/ Articles of the Constitution, Emergency Provisions, The Union Executive, The Union Legislature, The Judiciary, The State Executive, Indian Federalism and Centre-State Relations, Public Service Commission’s/ Attorney General/ CAG/ Election Commission, Local Government, Amendments of the Constitution, Indian Constitution.

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