Motivational Book: 365 Essential & Inspirational Quotes.: Improve your Life, Do what you Love, Live your Dreams? (Motivation Book, Inspirational Books, Motivation Quotes, Goals, Motivational Books.)

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Life lessons? Do we need motivation and inspiration in our life?

How can we grow, learn and be motivated every single day?

“Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for.” Socrates

I have created this motivational book for you because I have seen how being inspired and motivated helped me to live a more harmonious and fulfilling life. By reading motivational quotes every day, we will certainly be more successful… But what do I mean by motivation and success?

Motivation is often related to success and success often related to money or careers… But I have quite a different approach to these words.
For me, motivation is finding deep within ourselves, the deepest reasons why we want to do anything. And success is doing what we want to do, to do only, what feels right for us.

Quotes bring the essence of an author’s state of mind. Discovering the philosophy of successful people can give us a new way to look at the world, a new perspective on life, creating a window of infinite possibilities, we can access right now.

May you find the inspiration and the motivation to live a fulfilling and harmonious life…

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