M.B.A. Admission Tests

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Table Of Contents Previous Years? Solved Papers Reasoning Ability 1 Relationship or Analogy Test 2 Spotting Out the Dissimilar 3 Series Completion Test 4 Coding and Decoding Test 5 Direction Sense Test 6 Blood Relation 7 Problems based on Alphabet 8 Time Sequence Test 9 Mathematical Ability Test 10 Situation Reaction Test 11 Verification of the Truth of the Statement 12 Best Reason Test 13 Paper Cutting Type Questions 14 Assigning Artificial Values to Arithmetical Digits and Signs 15 Arranging according to Size or Age or Natural Sequence 16 Venn Diagram and Chart Type Test 17 Questions Based on a Problem and two Statements 18 Questions on Rule 19 Selection of Figure Similar to the Given Figure 20 Questions on Mirror-Image 21 Selection on Conditions 22 Questions on Components 23 Classification of Figures of Some Characteristics 24 Questions Based on a Statement and Two Courses of Action 25 Completion of A Pattern 26 Selection of a Set Equal to the Given Set Miscellaneous Exercise Logical Reasoning A Validity Test of Syllogism Logic Type I Type II Type III Type IV Type V Type VI Type VII Type VIII Business Aptitude Data Interpretation and Numerical Ability Numbers Four Fundamental Rules Per

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