IIBF’s Bankers’ Handbook on Accounting – Comprehensive book covering all the facets involved in accounting, covering the length of the subject along with sufficient depth

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Bankers’ Handbook on Accounting is a comprehensive book covering all the facets involved in accounting. An attempt has been made to cover the length of the accounting subject, keeping in mind the need to provide sufficient depth. This book is divided into four modules:

  • Module A – Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Module B – Financial Statements of Banks
  • Module C – Preparation of Financial Statements of Banks & Taxation
  • Module D – Accounting Standards (IND-AS)

This book also features summaries, keywords, test & answers at the end of each chapter.
The Present Publication is the 2018 Edition, published exclusively by Taxmann for the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. It is the approved courseware for the examination on Accounting and Auditing.
The contents of the book are as follows:

  • Module A – Fundamentals of Accounting
    o About Accounting: An Introduction (Financial Accounting/Cost Accounting/Management Accounting)
    o Accounting Process (Manual/Computerised)
    o Use of Journal, Types & Importance of Voucher in Computerised Accounting of Banking Transactions
    o Bank Reconciliation Statement
    o Depreciation Accounting
    o Classification of Income and Expenditure (Capital/Revenue Receipt & Expenditure)
    o Banking Operations & Accounting Functions
  • Module B – Financial Statements of Banks
    o Introduction
    o Advances
    o Asset Classification, Income Recognition and Provisioning
    o Cash, Balances with RBI and Other Banks, and Money at Call and Short Notice
    o Fixed Assets and Other Assets
    o Borrowings and Deposits
    o Capital, Reserves and Surplus
    o Other Liabilities and Provisions
    o Contingent Liabilities and Bills for Collection
    o Investments
    o Profit and Loss Account
    o Disclosure Requirements in Financial Statements
    o Consolidation of Branch Accounts
    o Consolidation of Financial Statements
    o Inter-Office Transactions
  • Module C – Preparation of Financial Statements of Banks & Taxation
    o Preparation of Final Accounts of Banks
    o Preparation of Cash flow and Fund flow statements
    o MIS & Financial Reporting
    o Computerised accounting system – types, advantages and disadvantages
    o Introduction to Direct Tax & Indirect Tax
    o Preparation & filing of returns under direct tax & indirect tax
    o Tax provisions relating to Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Service Tax, GST
    o Tax planning, Deferred Tax
  • Module D – Accounting Standards (IND-AS)
    o Scope, Statutory Provisions & Compliances
    o Applicability to Banks/FIs/Corporates
    o Definitions
    o Presentation of Consolidated Financial Statements
    o Scope of Consolidated Financial Statements
    o Consolidation Procedures
    o Standalone Financial Statements
    o Accounting for Investment in Subsidiaries
    o Jointly Controlled Entities and Associates in Separate Financial Statements
    o Disclosures, Technical Issues & Challenges

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