I think.. Poverty is no bar for Success Book by J C Chaudhry, Everyday Motivational Quotes for Students and Entrepreneurs in Hindi and English

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“I think…Poverty is no bar for success” Is a clear concept, easily understandable book. And as The famous proverb is “It’s not your fault if you are born poor but if you die poor, it is only your fault”. This book portrays that motivation and continuous hard work are the only ways and keys to success.

In this book the primary essence is motivation. The author is trying to tell you that as a matter of fact, we humans, will find and we always find ways to do what we want to do. So, this book swipes clean any excuse that gets used for failure or lack of success. The author has written the beautiful quotes for self-motivation that will inspire you to do something bigger and different at every step of life.

The author of this book, Mr. J C Chaudhry, (Chairman of Aakash Educational Services Ltd.) is an achiever in the field of education industry, he is also an Ace Numerologist and a powerful motivational speaker.

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