History question Bank for UPSC(CSE-Prelims) and Other State Service Exams

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Indian History constitutes perhaps the most important area of examination in the Civil Service Examination (Prelims) and various state service examinations, accounting for roughly one-sixth of the questions asked in the General Studies paper. This Question Bank has been designed according to the latest pattern of General Studies Paper of the CSE (Prelims) conducted by the UPSC. The current examination pattern goes beyond testing the ability of the aspirants to memorize and recall facts, mundane and esoteric; it attempts to assess their analytical skills. Thus a large chunk of the nearly 1800 questions in the Bank has been designed to give the students a genuine experience of the actual examination. The Question Bank comprises 50-question sets grouped into three traditional categories of Ancient India, Medieval India, and Modern India (Till Independence). The fourth section comprises questions of Mix-and-Match type and those requiring events/persons to be arranged chronologically. Such questions, though no longer a favorite of the UPSC, continue to be held in good esteem by state service commissions and other recruitment boards. Each 50-question set contains MIXED questions on one category (Ancient/ Medieval / Modern India). The difficulty level varies from Set to Set. Ideally, you should not take more than 45 minutes to fully attempt a set with a net score ranging from 40 – 45. A score above 45 is surely a stupendous feat. We hope that this Question Bank will help you in mastering Indian History for General Studies (Prelims).

It covers Indian History for the General Studies paper up to the Independence in 1947. The Editorial Team at BNK Books has tried to ensure that there are no repeated questions.


The Salient Features of this practice material are:

Nearly 1800 questions reflecting the latest pattern.

Questions segregated into four broad categories.

Virtually free of errors for various k

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