Handbook of Banking Information – 50/edition, 2021

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Financial services sector in our County has witnessed notable transformation over last five decades and concerted efforts have been made by the banking system to grow by building up an extensive branch net-work, penetrating into unbanked areas, mobilising untapped savings, promoting Banking habits and providing credit for rural development, besides diversifying into new areas of business. The process of globalisation of Indian Economy has created an environment where the financial services system has to be cost effective, customer oriented and technology based. These changes have posed many a challenges to the banking system and the personnel. It is essential that the banking manpower keeps itself abreast of all these changes and have a future vision so that it does not find difficulty in efficient functional discharges. Individual growth is possible through proper training, conceptual clarity and experimental learning and the career planning charters the path of progress of the employee to higher echelons. The recent years, particularly the late 90s, have witnessed many a change in the banking scenario and due to these changes, the manpower requirements of the banking Industry has also undergone a sea-change. More and more Banks have introduced specialisation & restructuring and the requirement of knowledge, skills and attitude of the Staff at all levels, has to match the change. An official working in a Bank today has to look these developments from his career opportunity aspect also, where he would find greater need to update himself to keep pace with the change. The promotional avenues, for a variety of reasons, are limited which create a highly competitive situation. The type of information desired in these promotion examinations or interviews has also been found to be in line with the changed situations. The well informed employees have generally been found successful, while those who are not able to equip themselves in the area of knowledge & skill properly, are not able to make the mark and this necessitates the availability of relevant and up-dated information on all the relevant Banking aspect.

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