English Grammar for Competitive Exam – Railways, SSC, Hotel Management, Banking, NDA, CDS, CTET, MBA, Gate, Insurance

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This book is the complete and all in one solution for all types of competitive examination. It includes all the fundamental English grammars, common errors with explanation and many other important topics. All the important chapters are covered with easy explanation. The book also includes solved grammar exercise (every chapter) and integrated solved grammar exercise. Tables and rules wise explanations are included. Exam type questions are also covered with answers. Every chapter also includes tips and techniques that will help a lot for the better understanding of every chapter.

Coverage of All Fundamental Grammar Topics.
Common Error Correction with Explanation.
Chapter – wise Tips and Techniques.
Chapter – wise Solved Grammar Exercise.
Tables and Rules – wise Explanation.
Integrated Solved Grammar Exercise.
Coverage of Reading and Writing Section.

Parts of Speech, Noun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Conjunction, Spelling, Gerund, Participle and Infinitive, Kinds of Sentence, Subject, Predicate, Sentence Structure, Contraction, Syllable, W-H Question, Articles, Preposition, Tense, Modals, Phrase, Clause, Subject-Verb Agreement, Determiner, Punctuation, Question Tag, Prefix – Suffix, Modifier, Group Verbs, Idioms, Voice Change, Transformation of Sentence, Narration.
Vocabulary: Synonyms, Antonyms, One Word Substitution, Homophones, Common Errors, Editing, Omission, Para Jumbles: Rearrange of Words and Sentences, Multiple Choices, Sentence Completion, Summary Writing, Reading Comprehension.

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