Current Affairs MCQs for Prelims 2021 and Fact Files for Main Exam 2021 | Third Edition

(as of May 14,2021 06:35:31 UTC – Details)

Current Affairs is the most important aspect of the Civil Services Examination as well as all other competitive examinations. This book offers the readers a complete support of current Affairs for the UPSC Prelims and Mains 2021. In order to strengthen understanding of the same and offer practice, this book brings topic wise micro segregated current Affairs MCQs for Prelims 2021 along with online fact file support till Mains exam 2021 (see back cover inside for your scratch card to access the material). the book contains quality practice questions, segregated subject wise and Topic wise, to enhance learning outcomes and improve scores for the Prelims exam. Highlights: 1. Monthly current affair fact files from January 2021 onwards designed especially for Prelims to be available exclusively through the scratch card inside. 2. Analytical Mains exam oriented current Affairs designed specifically for main exam 2021 to be available through the scratch card inside. 3. High quality Questions framed from newspapers & government websites only. 4. Questions in tune with latest UPSC Civil Services standard and pattern of examination. 5. Focus on questions that are application based in nature testing learner’s integrated understanding of different disciplines as tested by the UPSC examination. 6.The only book that gives an exhaustive coverage of micro segregated questions, subject wise and Topic wise. 7. Segregated questions enable students to gain edge over their competitors through targeted revisions.

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