Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. – CRE0989 Action and Reaction Puzzle (Multi-Color, 54 Pieces) & Build A Sentence – 2 (Multi-Color) & Let’s Find Out Where Puzzle (Multi-Color, 54 Pieces)

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Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. – CRE0989 Action And Reaction Puzzle (Multi-Color, 54 Pieces)
‘Action Reaction’ is an innovative product that covers important concepts of general science which can be used to play and learn about actions and their corresponding outcomes. There are 27 scenes of actions and their corresponding consequences (reactions). The child is required to match each action card with its corresponding reaction card. This way the child uses his/her logical thinking and early science concepts to match the correct pairs while improving their matching and visual discrimination skills. This unique game from ’s makes learning science concepts for children an easy and enjoyable task.

Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. – CRE0906 Build A Sentence – 2 (Multi-Color)
“Build A Sentence Part 2” Children sort the cards into groups according to the Grammar Colour Codes (nouns, verbs, adverbs & adjectives), match the cards in a variety of ways to build endless sentences keeping in mind the correct use of capital letters and punctuation marks. A great way to improve sight word recognition, teach punctuation, and introduce grammar and learning to communicate one’s thoughts clearly to others.

Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. – CRE0996 Let’s Find Out Where Puzzle (Multi-Color, 54 Pieces)
“Let’s Find Out Where…?” introduces children to the concept of “Wh” questions with the help of 27 large two piece Match-Ups and an ‘Activity Guide’. The question ‘Where’ is used when we want to ask about different places. The two cards of the match-ups have pictures drawn on them along with the text written in the form of question or answer. This allows both the readers and non-readers to play the game. The child is required to observe/read 27 cards one-by-one and match them with the corresponding answer cards. This way, the child will understand the ‘Where’ question while developing their language and visual discrimination skills and enhancing their knowledge about various places.

Product 1: Keen Observation
Product 1: Knowledge about Action-Reaction
Product 2: Building Sentences
Product 2: Identifying Parts of Speech; Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives & Adverbs
Product 2: Develop Language Skills
Product 3: Visual Discrimination

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