Combo of 2 Bestselling Motivational Books : Simplify Your Life + The Secret Law of Blessings

Price: ₹ 225.00
(as of Sep 21,2021 11:37:09 UTC – Details)

Simplify Your Life Do you want to be more happy in life? There are so many books and workshops available to make more money, but making more money hardly buys you more happiness. Our happiness is 50% Genetic, 10% Environment and 40% Behavior and Mindset. How many of us spend most of our time in making the environment right, which just accounts for 10% more happiness. Why can we not think of focusing on behavior and mindset instead? This book focuses on making those behavioral and mindset changes in your life, which will give you 40% more happiness. It will help you with feeling elevation (in short happiness) strategies at your work, home, professionally, socially and is for entrepreneurs, professionals and parents. The Secret Law of Blessing If you do not want to change, then drop this book. If you are happy with your unhappiness then this is not the book for you. Living hopelessly in misery is addictive and habit forming. And you may want to continue to live as a failure, having accepted defeat in your personal and professional life. But since you have picked up this book (or if you are book surfing) let me tell you that this book reveals simple but self-empowering ways to become the master of your own destiny. There are some secret spiritual laws of nature that govern this universe and our life on the planet. This book introduces you to one such law. The Secret Law of Blessing. Once you align yourself with the law of Blessing, you have the power of invoking the blessings of those whose lives you touch. And..Healing yourself by blessing those in return who touch your heart. There is immense power in receiving and giving blessings. The Secret Law of Blessing helps you to be reborn as a new person so that you can celebrate life, experience ecstasy and enjoy the abundance of success.

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