3500+ Most Important One Liner Geography Q&A with Imp. Tables and Facts E-BOOK in English: NCERT Geography one liner

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The content provided here is kept authentic and error-free. All the subjects will be covered chapter/ topic-wise. All the content provided here will be useful to crack all sorts of govt. competitive exams.
1.Most Important One Liner Question and Answer
2.Members of the solar system
3.Facts about India
5.Layers of the Atmosphere
6.Soil in India
7.Climate of India
8.Distribution of Rainfall in India
9.Major Crops of India (Rabi, Kharif and Zaid)
10.Top Crop Producing States
12.Highest, Longest, Largest, Tallest, Smallest in India
13.Thermal Power Plants in India
14.Major Nuclear Power Plants in India
15.Lakes in India
16.International Boundary Lines
17.List of Famous Museums in India
18.Ports in India
19.Famous Memorial Name and Location
20.List of Revolutions in India
21.Comparison between National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Biosphere Reserves
22.List of National Parks in India
23.Tiger Reserve in India: State-Wise
24.Biosphere Reserve in India
25.Major Lakes in India: State-Wise
26.Nuclear Power Plants in India: State-Wise
27.Thermal Power Plants in India: State-Wise
28.Solar Power Plant in India: State-Wise
29.List of River a Cross State
30.Cities on the bank of river
31.UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India
32.Difference states and their folk dances
33.List of famous places in India
34.Important Mountain Passes in India
35.List of Stadium in India
36.Major Dams in India
37.Major Reservoir in India
38.List of Important Caves in India and Location
39.Towns and Cities of India Associated with Industries
40.List of Tribal Groups in India
41.National Highways in India
42.Water ways in India
43.Air transport in India
44.Famous water falls of India and World
45.Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest & Deepest in World
46.Seven wonders of the world
47.List of New and Old Names of Countries and Cities
48.Name of Parliament of Famous Countries
49.List of World’s Famous Airlines and Respective Country
50.List of Land Locked Countries
51.First in World
52.Active, dormant & extinct volcanoes in India and world
53.Largest Deserts in the World and their Location
54.International Boundary Lines
55.List of the Major Straits of the World
56.World’s important cities situated on the Bank of Rivers
57.List Important Grassland around the world
58.List of Mountain Ranges, Locations and Highest Peak
59.List of Indian Species Under Different Categories of IUCN Red List
60.Facts about the census 2011

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