1000 KMs to Leadership

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Dare to Dream. That is the Crux of the book. 1000 KMs to leadership is a book of Life. The crests & the Troughs. It is a story about winning against all odds. Redefining the concept of loss and victory. Nobody is born perfect and nobody is without fear. How to face those fears, learn from your mistakes, never give up and stride forth is what this book is about. It is a beautifully portrayed story of a man’s journey to making his dreams come true and not let anything get in the way. Not giving up is the key. And yet the book is about each one of us. With our fears and doubts and our weaknesses. The protagonist is not a superhuman, merely a regular person trying to aspire higher in life. As you traverse the journey of 90 Kms over the mountains of South Africa you get to feel first-hand the transformational journey of grit and perseverance. It is a book about life painted on the Canvas of Ultra Running.

From the Publisher

1000 KMs to leadership 1000 KMs to leadership

About the Author

Mohit is multifaceted personality. He wears many hats, from being a Business Leader to a Ted X speaker, An Ultramarathoner, An ironman and finally an Author.

Born in a middle-class background with his father being in the Uniform for 38 years, he got to travel the length & Breadth of the country. This was pivotal in shaping his personality and creating a connect with Not merely India but Bharat too.

Having been in the corporate world for more than 2 decades, he has been at the forefront of Leadership assignments across Industries, having become a Business head at an early age of 29 years.

He forayed into endurance sports, primarily into Ultra Running completing back-to-back Comrades Ultra Marathon (A distance of approx. 90 kms over Mountainous terrain). This was the genesis to the First in a Trilogy of books, 1000 KMs to Leadership. The trilogy is about the travails of life in general with the canvas of Endurance sports as the backdrop.


Ace Humans article on Mohit Chobey

I am often asked; how do I manage to wear so many hats? I could very well be the Brand Ambassador for Edward Debono. I have been in the corporate world for the past 22years. These years have been across a spectrum of industries, leading Business assignment for the past 17 years.

On top of that I am also an Endurance athlete, An ironman, A Ted X Speaker and finally an Author. I have recently forayed into authorship, with the 1st of my trilogy of books, Titled, 1000 KMs to leadership, having delivered my Ted X talk on similar lines.

Having forayed into running more than a decade back and eventually moving into Ultramarathons (Typically runs longer than 50 kms) I came to realise the similarities of my journey with Life at large and the corporate world even more specifically. For life is nothing but a series of marathons. We may not realise it but every step we take, is adding up to the string of marathons of life.

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mohit chobey book, leadership book, marathon book, self help bok

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mohit chobey book, leadership book, marathon book, self helpc bok

mohit chobey book, leadership book, marathon book

mohit chobey book, leadership book, marathon book


”1000 Kilometres to leadership is a Lucid metaphor for running, passion for life & its quantum leap transformation’ ‘- Times Of India

“A young fantastical fictioneer” – The Hindu ”

“Read the book if you really want to achieve breakthrough feats, learning from an uncommon achiever, an Ultra-marathoner & Ironman” – Anurag Singh ( Film Director: Kesari)

Ace Humans 1 runningAce Humans 1 running

Ace Humans 1 Running

No worthwhile target comes easy; in the quest to achieve the title, had a near drowning incident, saved by a vigilant lifeguard, and was unsuccessful in my first quest for glory.

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