100 Indian Bugs & Butterflies: The Big Little Nature Book

Price: ₹ 250.00
(as of May 12,2021 06:35:18 UTC – Details)

This easy-to-use field guide featuring 100 common bugs and butterflies of India, is perfect for budding nature enthusiasts.

This is a nature lover’s companion to understand and identify insects found in India. Thought of as pesky, little creatures, insects are actually essential to the environment as is their existence. It is believed that if insects were to disappear from Earth, life as we know it would undergo dramatic change – some even resulting in depleted food sources. Not just that, the world of bugs and butterflies are facing threats in the form of depleting forests, destruction to their habitats, forest forest, increasing use of pesticides, and even the impact of climate change. Recent studies show that 40 per cent of insect species are threatened with decline and possible extinction.

DK’s 100 Indian Bugs and Butterflies offers a wholesome view of the world of bugs, allowing easy recognition of 100 most common species found in India. This book looks at highlighting the importance of these insects in our ecology and how we can conserve their environment and live harmoniously without harming them.

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