Scale III to Scale IV , Scale IV to V Promotion Study Material 2021 (by IBEX since 2018)

(as of May 14,2021 22:19:38 UTC – Details)

Consisting Recalled Questions of exam held on Dec 2020 and Updated till December 2020. Promotion from Scale III to IV and IV to V requires deep understanding of subjects, decision making power and ability to resolve the problems and knowledge of policy matters and ability to make decision in compliance with policies. The Ibex Study Material apart from coverage on all important topics, lays special focus on decision making, rational analysis and problem solving. All the Regulatory, Statutory and other relevant guidelines and economic events which are changing the landscape of banking and are relevant form Exam point of view have fully incorporated in the Books. The questions at the end of each chapters and Sample Test Papers will sharpen your skills and prepare you for success. The Study material provides coverage to all the important conventional and modern banking concepts. It comes with four books; 1. General Banking; The conventional subject like Banking Regulation Act, Negotiable Instrument Act, Sarfaesi Act, NULM/NRLM, Balance Sheet Analysis, Treasury Operations, Yield Curve, Forex, Resolution and Recovery, IBBI, NCLT, Risk Management, Digital Banking, KYC, Basel, Payment and Settlement Act, Computerization (with special focus for Senior Management Promotions and advanced level of questions at the end of each chapter) etc. 2. Banking and Economic Concepts:- The book contains important Banking and Economic Concepts which are changing the landscape of modern Banking and are most important from Exam point of view. 3. Sample Test Papers: The study material brings you 18 Sample test papers based on previous test held by PSBs, fully answered and explained. 4. Current Banking and Economic Affairs: As per current pattern of exam, the current events constitute a substantial portion of exam questions. Our book on Current Banking and Economic Affairs brings all such events alongwith. Every chapter is followed by suitable Multiple Answer questions,

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