Lost in Pandemic , Found in Pandemic: Hope and Inspirations in times of Tragedy

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Starting as unsuspecting cough, the invisible virus turned into a storm inside the bodies of many human beings resulting into the death of millions of them across the world in just under 2 weeks.

During these trying times, we lost a number of valuable lives of frontline workers, health care workers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, police persons, delivery service providers, industrialists and politicians who were at the forefront of the rescue operations, undertaking yeoman service to the pandemic-stricken citizens across the world expired.

There have been many cases of bravery, charity and commendable service that were demonstrated giving hope to the humanity in depressing times in the face of this dreadful disease.

In this book, we would like to remember and record for ever, those brave and inspiring human beings who always stood out in their lives to light up the lives of all around. It is a duty for us to pay a rich tribute to them, and retain them in our hearts forever, thus showcasing their ever-shining indomitable spirit.

There have also been a number of inspiring actions undertaken by unsung heroes, we would like to recount to the extent possible and draw the inspiration to live with hope and contribute positively to this world, we are a part of.

Lost in Pandemic, Found in Pandemic records the lives of those loved ones we would never forget and the inspiring lessons we learn from several heroic acts from the exemplary citizens & institutions who adorn our world

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