KVS PGT Self Preparation Guide Economics Recruitment Examination

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The Kendriya Vidyalayas Sangathan is an educational chain of central government schools that aims to hone the skills of students through proper teaching. KVS holds the responsibility for the recruits of Officers Cadre, Librarian and Non-Teaching posts under special recruitment.
Present book for self-preparation guide for KVS-PGT Economics Recruitment Examination has been devised keeping in mind the needs of the aspirants taking the exam. It covers complete syllabus with sufficient number of MCQs. Along with complete coverage of chapter wise theory the book also includes ample number of practice exercises.
In the book you will also find, latest solved paper to know the trend and pattern exactly and 3 practice sets to check your preparation just before the exam.
Table of Contents
Solved Paper 2017
Introduction of economics, consumer’s equilibrium, demand and law of demand, production, cost and revenue, producer’s equilibrium supply and distribution, forms of market and prize determination, National income, theory of Income and employment determination, money and banking, government budget and economic planning, International trade and balance of planning, International trade and balance of payments, financial Instruments and financial market, Introduction of statistics, measures of central tendencies and dispersion, correlation and index number, different sectors of Indian economy, economic reforms since 1991, India and its neighbouring countries, current challenges facing Indian economy
3 Practice sets.

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