Kiran Objective General Knowledge useful for UPSC, SSC, Railway, UPPSC, BPSC Other Exam (2863)

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Kiran objective General Knowledge useful for UPSC, SSC, Railway, UPPSC, BPSC other exam (English) (2863) contents 1. Indian history ancient India medieval India modern India Miscellaneous 2. World history of Asia history of Europe history of America history of Africa & Australia world War– I & II Miscellaneous 3. Indian art & culture Indian history & culture, languages, fairs & festivals Indian art, architecture and sculpture film, dance, drama, music, radio Miscellaneous 4. Indian Polity & Constitution key concepts evolution of Indian Constitution features of Indian Constitution states and Union territory citizenship fundamental Rights and Directive principles of State policy & find a mental duty constitutional Amendment Indian federalism emergency provisions President Vice-President PM and Council of ministers type of government Parliament speaker of Lok Sabha judiciary Governor state Legislature local Government Indian bureaucracy advocate General + attorney General constitutional and non-constitutional bodies elections important articles and provisions of Constitution Miscellaneous 5. Physical geography universe and solar system (Astronomical Geography) Earth Landforms and Geomorphology atmosphere and Climatology hydrosphere and Oceanography pteridology or soil Geography and Agriculture ecology and Bio-Geography Miscellaneous 6. Geography of India Physiography & Geomorphology and introduction drainage, irrigation and rivers & river projects of India The climate of India ecology, forest and natural Vegetation of India & National Park soil of India Agriculture and animal Husbandry in India mineral Resources of India industries and trade in India transportation and ports of India political, urban & rural, regional and human geography of India states & Union territories in India and population Miscellaneous 7. World Geography physical world Geography human Geography (population) economic Geography (industry, trade, transportation & Agriculture) political, urban and rural Geography country, capital, area, currency, Parliament and religion, new & old name of country Miscellaneous 8. Economics micro economics macro economics rural & urban socio-economic schemes, growth & development income, Expenditure, Agriculture, industry policies & importance money, Banking & finance international trade and economy nature & character of Indian Economic and planning Miscellaneous 9. Physics mechanics, dimension & General Physics work, force, energy, heat & sound Optics electricity and Magnetism communication and modern Physics Miscellaneous 10. Chemistry Atomic Structure and properties & physical Chemistry metals, non-metals and noble gases (Inorganic Chemistry) chemical Compounds, properties & uses Thermodynamics & rate of reaction nuclear Chemistry Organic Chemistry Miscellaneous 11. Biology (Zoology, Botany, health), environment & Agriculture cell tissues, structure & functions and micro-organism plant & animal classification plant structure and functions animal structure and functions human Health and Hygiene ecology and Environment Miscellaneous 12. Computer & It 13. Discoveries & inventions 14. Science & technology 15. Honours & Awards 16. Books & authors 17. Important decades, years & days 18. Uno, other international & National organisations 19. Sports 20. National events 21. International events 22. Miscellaneous.

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