General Studies: For All Competitive Examinations IAS, IFS, IES, IES/ISS, SCRA, CPF, CDS, NDA/NA, SSC, PSC: Vol. 1

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<General Studies is a subject which encompasses all aspects of the world around us. It deals with politics, ethics, literature, language, culture, Science and Technology. The book contains valuable material on all these fields and prepares students for a number of possible careers in a variety of settings. The subject matter has been divided into two volumes. The first volume includes General Science, medicine, discovery and exploration. There is a br>Chapter on Indian history which covers ancient, medieval and modern history. It also contains the structure and features of Indian Economy and latest facts and developments in Agriculture, the mainstay of the Indian economy. The beginning and the evolution of the Indian industrial policy, economic development since Independence and the present scenario of Indian Economy, as well as the significant role of infrastructure in economic activities, have been discussed in this volume.

The second volume contains Indian Polity, judiciary and governance. India’s democracy; Constitution, which is the fundamental source of law in India; statutes, case law and study law, dispensation of justice; and the features of the judiciary of India which takes care of maintenance of law and order in the country along with solving problems related to Civil and criminal offences, have been dealt with in detail in this volume.

The book has been designed for students preparing for IAS, IFS, IES, IES/iss, SCRA, CMS, CPF, CDS, NDA/NA, SSC, PSC, and other competitive examinations. The approach is comprehensive and covers almost every prescribed subject incorporating the fundamental principles and facts as well as the finer details not easily available in a single source. It has been compiled after consulting various encyclopaedias, reference manuals, standard textbooks, dictionaries, newspapers, and magazines and other authentic sources. It has been written in simple language and lucid style with revision exercises to reinforce the reader understanding of each topic. Where subject matter overlaps, Duplication of Matter has been avoided by providing cross-references to facilitate easy access to the required information. There are multiple choice questions of a wide range, designed to test and enhance awareness, by forming information units on their own. </br>.

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