CTET Preparation & Practice: Social Sciences/Social Studies

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Social sciences/social Studies: Paper II for the central Teacher Eligibility Test (CET) seeks to help candidates prepare for the subject social sciences/social Studies in Paper II of the CTET. This book includes a simple point-wise summary of the NCF 2005. It also includes NCF-related questions from the previous years. The NCF 2005 talks about best practices for teaching. Several questions related to the NCF 2005 have appeared in the CTET. Key features tables and grids for ease of comprehension and retention diagrams, flowcharts and photographs to present concepts and ideas perspective-based questions to encourage higher Order Thinking Skills references and further reading lists at the end of every
Chapter 450 plus multiple choice (objective) questions including Model test papers for practice, with answer keys for self-evaluation previous years’ question papers to help identify trends a simple point-wise summary of the NCF 2005 NCF-related questions from the previous years
Table of Contents how to use this book about the central Teacher Eligibility Test (CET) tips for preparing for CTET General tips for exam preparation notes on the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 education in the Indian Constitution Indian and international laws related to education solved Paper: September 2014 Solved Paper: February 2015 Solved Paper: September 2015 Solved Paper: February 2016 Solved Paper: September 2016 Solved Paper: December 2018 section 1: History
Chapter 1: When, where and how: Ways of knowing, concepts and sources of history
Chapter 2: Earliest human civilizations
Chapter 3: The Vedic age (1500bc–600bc)
Chapter 4: Emergence of empires, political development and cultural exchange
Chapter 5: Post Gupta period: Political development and cultural exchange
Chapter 6: Emergence of new political regimes and social Change
Chapter 7: Post-Mughal rule: Emergence of regional powers and incoming of Europeans
Chapter 8: Nationalist movement and social reforms
Chapter 9: Post-colonial India progress evaluation checklist 1 section 2: Geography
Chapter 1: Geography as a discipline
Chapter 2: The Earth and the solar system
Chapter 3: Earth in solar system
Chapter 4: Our environment (natural)
Chapter 5: Air
Chapter 6: Water
Chapter 7: Agriculture
Chapter 8: Resources progress evaluation checklist 2 section 3: Social and political life
Chapter 1: Diversity, marginalization and social justice
Chapter 2: Democracy
Chapter 3: Government
Chapter 4: The Constitution
Chapter 5: Understanding gender: from theory to practice
Chapter 6: Livelihood progress evaluation checklist 3 section 4: Pedagogy
Chapter 1: Social sciences: Historical trajectory
Chapter 2: Teaching of social Science: policy perspective
Chapter 3: Challenges in social Science teaching
Chapter 4: Classroom processes, activities and discourse
Chapter 5: Measurement, assessment and Evaluation progress evaluation checklist 4 Model test Paper 1 Model test Paper 2 Model test Paper 3.

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