Be Invincible: The mindset, skills and habits for sustainable growth and success

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Humans are open systems and external inputs impact us. Bad inputs usually have a greater and more immediate impact on us than good inputs and the probability of occurrence of bad inputs is greater than that of good ones. The book challenges you to evolve into a semi-open system. What does this mean? It implies that if we could absorb the positive inputs and absorb only the necessary from negative inputs, we would feel so much more productive and fulfilled. We will not be burdened from the emotional baggage of negative inputs that have a counter-productive, compounding impact on our day. It is not easy to do, but it is more important today than ever. The amount of information we receive every day has quadrupled in the past few years because of technology and social media. This has exponentially increased the probability of coming across negative inputs. We need to learn to filter these negative inputs away so that nothing and nobody can penetrate our productivity and happiness. We need to advance ourselves to a level, where we are beyond getting damaged by negative inputs or can at least minimise the damage. Being invincible is the capability of being damaged, but not defeated. Can you get hurt, feel pressure, be under stress, interact with unpleasant people and unfavourable circumstances but still be happy, steadfast on your goal, productive and relentless? This is what it means to be invincible. From the author’s research in the past decade and working with all kinds of people from Bollywood celebrities and political leaders to senior professionals and students, the book has been organised into 3 sections – mindset, skills and habits that must be developed if you want to become invincible. About the AuthorMudit Yadav is the founder of MY Success Coach and works as a keynote speaker and internationally certified coach. He has spoken to more than 415,000 people from more than 48 countries and also at multiple TEDx events. He has been awarded the title of ‘Millennial Coach of the year’ at the World HRD Congress 2019. At 23, he became India’s youngest coach and also works with celebrities, political leaders, executives and entrepreneurs to be more successful, develop greater presence, enhance their communication and lead a life of abundance. He conducts coaching interventions as well as workshops for leadership skills, executive presence, communication and life strategy. He had represented India in 2014 at London for a Speech Contest and ranked finalist among 44,000 global contestants. He is also a Chartered Accountant and ex-strategy consultant.

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