Are You A Winner Or Whiner? Secrets to Instill Winning Habits in Your Lifestyle: Make Anything Possible in Life

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  • Some people have a natural tendency to achieve a lot in their lives. They are so friendly that they find it difficult to surrender any difficulty that crosses their paths – no obstacle or hindrance seems to exceed their ambition to succeed.
  • Such a tendency develops, largely through their process of persistence, although some people find it to be a natural phenomenon for them. Let’s not get into the latter part – after all, not everyone is born with the same quality.
  • But what about those who get succumbed to the challenges so easily? What is the difference between these two groups of people? The people who belonged to the first group know exactly what they want, why they want, when they want, and how they want.
  • They have their visions – they have cultivated their goals in life – the moment you are clear about your “what” and “why”, your “how” and “when” are going to fall in the right place inevitably! You will see and meet new people, new opportunities.
  • You have to be receptive to them, as well as maintain a sense of security. You may find there would be no one to motivate you, or to have your back. Again, at times, you will meet like-minded people. You may see your peers are getting something which you can’t, all of your friends are going beyond their capacity; or there would be some brooding over negativity.
  • So, before setting a goal, ask yourself, “Am I the Winner or the Whiner?” No matter what is going to happen, you should better be ready for it. That is why in this book, I have cleaned every step and trick in simple and easy language so that it can knock your soul.
  • Many people are focused on themselves – but success is not about you, but how you take everyone equally in the game of success. I hope you have already built a strong base. All the very best!Product Description

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