6 Sundays a Week Life

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The Author of this book “Dev Gadhvi” has his roots in a very humble background. Although born and brought up in extreme challenges and after wasting 33 years of his life with a severe disease known as ‘mediocre mindset’, he one day decided to write his own destiny and get cured of the disease for lifetime.

He not only transformed his own life but helped transform the lives of thousands of people across the globe through his 1st No. 1 bestselling book “80% Mindset 20% Skills”, videos, courses, mentorship programs and CareNation initiatives.

Within a span of just 18 months he not only quit his job and now living a 6-Sundays-A-Week-Life but also became the TEDx Speaker, Josh Talks Speaker, one of the highest paid Influencers in India as well as became a millionaire with practical and proven results.

The same thing he is teaching to his mentees with utmost level of transparency and authenticity and transforming their lives as well to help them build their 6-Sundays-A-Week-Life! This book will show you exactly what is needed to build your own life the same way.

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